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Types of Revision Requests

There are two types of revisions:

Editor revisions

For Managed Service projects, a freelance editor will be assigned to your project. On submission of your first draft, an editor will review your project and send it back for revisions if necessary. Your project will be in the Writer Revising state.

When you receive a revision request from the editor, it'll come right back to you in the platform with the editor's comments. Make sure to click the Resolve button every time you’re done addressing a comment — otherwise, you won’t be able to submit the revised copy. Even after you resolve them, the comments won’t disappear. They’ll stay on the right-hand side so that the editor can double-check whether each they raised point was addressed.

Client-requested revisions

For Managed Service projects, you might receive client-requested revisions within one to three weeks after your project moves to the Submitted to Client state. You'll receive an email notification with further instructions on how to complete the revision. 

When you receive a revision request from the client, you'll see one comment only at the top of your project in the platform, left by one of our Client Success Managers on the client's behalf. That comment should explain how to move forward, and it'll include a link to a Google Doc, where you will be able to see comments from the client on the draft that was previously submitted. This doc will be your new working draft instead of what's in the platform. 

Please note that you can expect projects to be automatically completed and reopened for client-requested revisions. Your project will be in the Writer Revising state.

Getting Notified About Revision Requests

You’ll receive an email notification for every revision request. Also, you can check the status of your projects in your dashboard under the My Projects tab. If a project requires action from you, it'll be in the Writer Revising state and there'll be a blue bubble next to it.

Turnaround Time for Revisions

You have 24 hours to complete an editor revision request. Please keep this in mind before claiming any projects. You can view the deadline in the My Projects tab under the DUE DATE column and in the project view in the top right corner.

Requesting Extensions on Revisions

For Managed Service projects, you can request a one-day extension for your editor revision, which will count against your extension request balance. The request is subject to approval from our Community Management team. For client revision requests, you’re entitled to ONE 1-day extension request that won’t count against your extension request balance.

For Self-Service projects, please reach out directly to the client through the in-app messaging box. If the client agrees, they’ll extend the project for you. These extensions won’t count against your extension request balance.

Submitting a Revision Request

After you’re done revising your project, make sure to submit it to your editor — or client. In the editor view, scroll all the way down and hit the blue SUBMIT button. Your project will be in the Editor Revision Review state — or in the Submitted to Client state if it’s a Self Service project.

Number of Revisions Editors (or Clients) Can Request

Clients and editors are allowed to request as many revisions as needed to make sure the project meets the client expectations.

Increasing the Word Count To Complete a Revision Request

Please reach out through the Bot, located in the bottom left corner of the app, to request an increase in the word count of your revision request.

You can use the following chat flow:
I have a problem with a project > Project deadline or word count or reassignment > Adjusting the word count of my project > I need to increase the word count > Choose how many words you need

The Bot will create a ticket that'll go to our support team. We’ll get in touch with the client, and you can expect a reply within two business days.

Please don't submit the project until you hear back from us. Our team will extend the deadline for your project or remove any strike or suspension accumulated during the waiting time.

Reopening of Completed Projects for Client-Requested Revision

Projects generally autocomplete after five business days, but we allow some clients a few weeks to get back to us with any revisions. Many of our clients are reviewing tens of thousands — or even hundreds of thousands — of words of content each month. We want them to feel comfortable approaching the review process with care, to make sure they get exactly what they want — and keep coming back for more!   

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