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  • 09 Mar 2023
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My Performance

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At, we pride ourselves on always delivering original work written from the ground up — not plagiarized, copied, or replicated in any manner or created with the involvement of any AI writing software. We run every single project through an exhaustive plagiarism checker to ensure that the content is truly 100% original.

If you copy/paste any content from another source without proper quotations and citations — even if you paraphrase — we'll know it.

To avoid any confusion and eliminate the chance of being flagged for plagiarism or AI use, keep the following in mind:

  • NEVER copy/paste information into your draft as-is from another source. All content you write needs to be original from the ground up. The only exception to this rule is if you are quoting a speaker or another publication verbatim, and in this instance, you’re required to use the appropriate quotations and citations.
  • NEVER use AI writing software to create any part of your content. 
  • To ensure that plagiarism is detected before any content reaches the client, we’ve enhanced our built-in plagiarism checker to flag projects with partially or entirely copy–pasted sentences and paragraphs. It is unacceptable to copy/paste content from another source and then modify it in your draft.
  • Please attribute your sources correctly by citing or quoting them.
  • If you would like to check for any possible plagiarism in your project before submitting it, we suggest you use Copyleaks for a final check rather than using Grammarly.
  • In the event that you're asked to submit lorem ipsum text, please use this website to generate the number of words needed. This will prevent your projects from being mistakenly flagged as plagiarized.

What constitutes plagiarism?

All of the following constitute plagiarism:

  • Copying another article wholesale and passing it off as your own
  • Copying only a line or two without quoting or citing the original source
  • Copying a paragraph or two, but going back through and tweaking verbs and adjectives to make it more unique
  • Reusing your own original writing from one project within a different, similar project
  • Embedding part of a well-phrased line from a source within your own sentence
  • Citing a source that doesn't back up the information presented
  • Not citing sources
  • Forgetting to cite sources
  • Borrowing the outline or structure from another article but crafting your own original paragraphs within that structure
  • Submitting through your own account work that someone else wrote for you

Why not use AI writing software to create content?

We promise our clients that all the content created and delivered by our writers is 100% original. When you use AI writing software, you indicate to us, and the client, that you don't have the skill set required to be a writer anymore. Moreover, AI writing software programs often create content with glaring factual errors. By submitting such content, you indicate to us, and the client, that you are unable or unwilling to do the required research.

Our plagiarism and AI use policy

As indicated in our Services Agreement, our plagiarism and AI use policy is as follows:

Upon accepting a Project, you agree:

  • To submit a first draft Submission by the due date specified when accepting the project.
  • To submit any revision requests by the due date specified within the application.

You acknowledge and agree that each Submission is completely original and free of any plagiarism and that it has not been created, completely or in part, with the support of AI writing software.

You consent to our use of any form of plagiarism detection software and AI content detection software on your Submissions to check for authenticity. We reserve the right to review and reject any Submission.

We take every plagiarism offense seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy. If you're considered to have committed plagiarism, you'll be removed from the platform and banned from writing for immediately.

Whether you’ve been writing for for years or you’re a brand new writer-in-testing, failure to comply with this policy may result in forfeiture of compensation and/or a permanent ban from the platform.


In case of projects where you are required to refresh or expandcontent, our platform may flag your project for plagiarism — this is because our platform by default is designed to account for duplicate content. If this happens to you, don’t worry, we’ll review your project ASAP and send it to your editor!

Editor Feedback and Rating System

We try our best to give you the tools you need to be an awesome writer and deliver high-quality content to our clients.

We train our editors to give polite and constructive feedback for every Managed Service project, including:

Star ratings

These ratings are given on a scale of 1 (Poor Content) to 5 (Exceptional Content). Please review our project rating rubric to understand the rating system.

Detailed feedback

Detailed feedback from your editor will let you know where you excel and which areas need improvement.

We know that you rely on editor feedback to understand what you missed and what you can do to improve your writing. If you notice a trend of poor scores or have any other concerns or questions about the feedback from any of your editors, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us through Bot. We can help you figure out specific elements you need to improve in your writing or formulate feedback to the editor, if necessary. In addition to keeping track of our writers, we closely monitor editor performance.

Quality Assessment

Our In-house Editor and Community Management teams consider editorial feedback and several other factors in determining if your writing is consistent with our quality standards. We perform monthly writer assessments in which we look at your rate of overdue projects and how frequently editors and clients request revisions, in addition to reviewing your individual project ratings and feedback from your editors.

We keep a close eye on consistently low-performingwriters. If deemed necessary, we may discontinue our relationship with such writers.

Subpar performance

Your performance may be subpar if you consistently receive low scores and negative feedback from your editors or the Community Management team. Please feel free to reach out to our support team through Bot if you'd like to receive personalized feedback.

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