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  • 20 Sep 2022
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    Light Editing Software

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    Light Editing Software is the writing tool where writers, editors, and clients can write, edit, and access content on the platform. Only writers, editors, and clients have access to this software, as it's available only on the platform. 


The toolbar is equipped with an array of tools that can help you format your content:

Word Count

In the top right corner of the Editing Software window, you’ll see a word counter. It counts words in two ways:

  1. When no text is selected in the text window, you’ll see the total word count of the written content.
  2. When text is selected, the word count number will reflect how many words are present in the highlighted text.

Saving and Autosave

Our software saves your project automatically every minute when your internet connection is uninterrupted.

You’ll see a bubble in the top right corner of your screen when your work is being saved.  

If it’s green and reads “Saved successfully” or “Already saved the latest version,” your work is saved.

If it’s red and the bubble reads “Saving failed,” your work is not saved and you should check your network connection or wait for some time and try again. If you've checked your connection and are still having trouble saving, reach out to us through Bot. Also, please paste your entire document into a different text editor (like Google Docs or Microsoft Word) before attempting to resolve the technical issue.


Here’s a list of shortcuts you can use:

CommandShortcut on MacOSShortcut on Windows OS
Add a commentCmd+Opt+MCtrl+Alt+M
Insert hyperlink
Bold textCmd+BCtrl+B
Italicize textCmd+ICtrl+I
Underline textCmd+UCtrl+U
Strikethrough textCmd+Shift+XCtrl+Shift+X
Open find and replaceCmd+FCtrl+F


Your text will turn blue and be underlined when your anchor text is hyperlinked successfully. 

Pasting Content From Other Sources

When pasting content from a Google Doc, use the “Add space after paragraph” formatting option rather than adding breaks between paragraphs using the enter key. This formats the content the same way our platform and other CMS platforms do.

Inserting images

Click on this icon on the toolbar in the Editing softwareAfter that, open the Find Images tab, and then, use the search bar.

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